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"When I think about the founder of the Black Nurse Entrepreneurs group, there's one word that comes to mind and that word is....IMPACT.

You see we all have a chance everyday to make an IMPACT on someone.

Someone out there needs to see, hear and bare witness to your gifts, your ideas and your desires. 

When you listen to your inner voice and take action, you are creating IMPACT.

This growing pipeline of nurse entrepreneurs has been the catalyst of nurses growing six figure businesses.  That's IMPACT."


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IMPACT ACADEMY is dedicated to providing the best resources for black nurses interested in entrepreneurship.  Our academy content experts are powerhouse industry leaders trusted with the best knowledge.  

IMPACT ACADEMY houses the best resources for building, growing and scaling your business.

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About Alvionna Brewster

Alvionna Brewster, MSN-Ed, RN, is the founder of Black Nurse Entrepreneurs.

In 2015, the vision was born to create a very unique community that would connect black nurses in order to mentor, uplift & encourage one another. It started with a simple social media platform where nurse entrepreneurs shared their stories of how they got started. Black nurses who were interested in entrepreneurship felt comfortable reaching out & obtaining resources that they may not have gotten elsewhere. The popularity and interest grew quickly as more and more black nurses became aware of what could be done with their degrees and medical expertise. The IMPACT that BNE has had within the black nursing community is tangible. As we continue to grow, we strive for professional excellence in providing the best resources for black nurse entrepreneurs worldwide.

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